Get help deciding whether an indoor or outdoor range is best for you.

Going to the shooting range is a great way to get firearms and tactical training and is a great way to spend time with family and friends, especially if you live in or near Charlotte, NC. Before making plans to head out to the range, you first need to decide whether you want to attend an indoor shooting range in Charlotte, NC, or an outdoor shooting range in Charlotte. Different shooting ranges can allow for different experiences, availability of firearms, target distance. There are many benefits to going to the shooting range, and knowing what to expect and what you are looking to get out of a day at the range will surely make it an enjoyable experience.

Benefits Of Going To The Shooting Range

Going to the shooting range isn’t just for the experienced firearm handler. It is a place where you can not only gain knowledge and experience, but there are health benefits, it can be a social experience, and it can boost your confidence.

Benefits Of Going To The Shooting Range

  • Instills healthy competition

  • A great hobby

  • Improve hand-eye coordination

  • Release adrenaline

  • Promote good eyesight

  • Can help improve posture

  • Increase stamina

  • Reduce stress

Whether attending an indoor shooting range or an outdoor shooting range, there are many benefits of going to both and being involved in the wonderful sport of shooting.

Outdoor Shooting Ranges In Charlotte NC

Depending on your preference and what you are looking for, an outdoor shooting range may be suitable for you. Like with any outdoor activity, there are things to consider and be conscious of before heading out for the day’s activities. Here are some of the pros and cons of going to an outdoor shooting range.

Exposure To Elements

Pro- If you love nature and being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, an outdoor shooting range may be a good fit for you. Most often, outdoor ranges are further away from cities and towns and will allow you to experience nature while spending the day honing in on your shooting skills.

Con- Weather is unpredictable, so checking the forecast will save you from experiencing extreme heat, rain, or even snow before going to an outdoor range.


Pro- You may experience more freedom at a less populated outdoor range that may allow you to be more active. Additionally, an outdoor range may provide a better environment to train, where movement and other environmental circumstances are not an issue.

Con- It is expected that at outdoor shooting ranges in Charlotte, NC, you will be required to bring your own firearms and ammunition due to the lack of available firearms and ammunition to purchase or rent. Unlike at an indoor shooting range in NC, outdoor shooting ranges may not offer firearm training, convenient restrooms, or refreshments.


Pro- If you are a fan of spending your time outdoors and want to have a less controlled environment where you will be able to gain skills and experience with shooting at longer distances, outdoor shooting ranges are often able to provide more space due to being located outside of cities and towns.

Con- With many outdoor shooting facilities not being centrally located and often in less convenient locations, you may have to drive further and the range could be difficult to access without a truck or 4-wheel drive car.

Indoor Shooting Ranges In Charlotte NC

Indoor shooting ranges provide a more controlled environment. Although rules and requirements may differ from an outdoor shooting range, indoor shooting ranges offer perks like discounts, memberships, and access to rentals. Indoor shooting ranges allow you to hone in on your shooting skills in a comfortable, safe environment, often overseen by a dedicated Range Officer.

Exposure To Elements

Pro- One of the most significant advantages of attending an indoor shooting range is the option of being able to train and shoot firearms year-round. Unlike with outdoor shooting ranges, attendance will not be contingent on the weather. Indoor shooting ranges offer a climate-controlled space where you will be comfortable and able to focus more easily.

Con- One of the downfalls of being at an indoor shooting range is that you will not experience nature/shooting outdoors or be in a more realistic environment.


Pro- Indoor shooting ranges offer many amenities that are not available at an outdoor shooting range. Some indoor shooting ranges offer firearm rentals allowing you to try out different models for both fun and before purchasing with options for memberships, discounts, and trained professionals available for private and group training. The advantages you get from going to an indoor shooting range can not compare.

Con- You may not receive as much freedom when it comes to target distance and how active you can be during training at an indoor shooting range, due to the necessity of staying behind the firing line.


Pro- Indoor shooting ranges are often centrally located and will make it more convenient to spend the day at the range.You can easily meet up with friends, host an event, or quickly spend your lunch break at a conveniently located indoor range.

Con- Being indoors may mean there is less space for long-distance targets and for you to train more actively.

Blackstone Shooting Sports

Located in Charlotte, NC, Blackstone Shooting Sports is the largest indoor shooting range in the Carolinas. We offer a well-lit, climate-controlled facility for you to shoot and train with our professional firearm instructors. Visit our website to reserve one of our state-of-the-art shooting lanes today!

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